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Michael's Place Enrichment Center

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Michael's Place Enrichment Center serves persons living at the low-income poverty level with a chronic, life-threatening illness.

Support Groups

MPI has three active support groups in early afternoon or early evening, all beginning with a light, homemade meal. One group consists only of men. We utilize creative group activities that are not only fun but also thought provoking. Each group activity supports a theme through creating a collage, filing out a short worksheet, watching a video or any number of other things. While it is simple enough to set up processses that encourage open and honest conversations, an effect group depends mostly on the people who make up the group. They have to be people who will be your freinds not rivals, people you respect but do not compete with and people who will listen without judging. Participation is at your level of comfort. Safe groups honor the 3Cs of Commitment, Caring, and Confidentiality.

Household Pantry

Qualified clients are very welcome to receive a bag of household cleaning supplies, paper products and personal care items each month.

Gas Vouchers

To help cover the cost of gas to participate in MPI activities and programs. Kwik Trip gift cards are available to clients coming from out of town. This includes such activities as suport groups, summer barbeque, computer classes, holiday parties, massages, all oher classes and programs. Gas vouchers are also available on a limited basis for emergencies but cannot be given to clients to asssist in covering the cost of transportation to medical appointments if they qualify for Logisticare.

Home Visits

Most clients receive services at the Enrichment Center but for clients unable to attend MPI functions due to illness or lack of transportation, the director makes regular home visits. When we first meet, we'll discuss what needs you require to best assist you through this time in your life.

Massage Therapy

A licensed Massage Therapist comes to MPI on a monthly basis. He commonly gives a 1-hour, full-body massage but if you prefer something shorter, a foot massage, hard or soft just let him know. Fees are based on a sliding scale starting at $15/session and are by appointment only. We have a lovely massage table and Dr. Ned makes sure it is a soothing experience complete with music and soft lights. He is very respectful of your privacy and comfort.

Healthy Meals on a Budget

Cooking, food preparation and menu planning classes utilizing common local pantry items.

Client Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of MPI clients and a representative of that Board sits on the Executive Board with equal voting privileges. The Advisory Board is responsible for representing client input regarding program development, activities, and general MPI management. There are commonly posistions open on the Advisory Board if you are interested in serving.


Most MPI activities/classes/game nights/educational programs welcome client family, partners and friends. Many activities are appropriate for you to bring children or grandchildren, especially if Dianne knows they are coming. A few activities require a small charge but most are "come as you are" and rarely involve a fee other than perhaps a dish to pass. The only acitvity that does not allow guests is support group.


We also offer many other programs during the year on a rotating schedule, based on cllient requests and participation.